Beejal Y. Amin MD


What is a glioma?

Glioma is a type of brain tumor that originates from brain cells, as opposed to cells from elsewhere in the body that have abnormally migrated to the brain. Gliomas can be either high-grade (fast growing) or low-grade (slow growing).

What are the symptoms of glioma?

The symptoms that gliomas produce vary depending on the part of the brain that is affected. Patients with glioma may experience symptoms ranging from relatively mild headaches to confusion and seizures.

What is the treatment for glioma?

The treatment for glioma depends on the type. In order to determine which type of glioma is present, Dr. Amin may recommend a brain biopsy, using special CT or MRI-based navigation protocols to accurately sample the tumor. Depending on the grade (type), the treatment may include observation, surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy.

Surgery to treat glioma

When safe to perform, surgical removal of as much of the tumor as possible is recommended. This is known as maximal safe resection. This is dependent on the location, size, and grade of the lesion.